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Voopty CRM system for school: how to plan without paperwork and Excel

We are used to the idea that a crm system is used in sales or e-commerce. But in fact, crm has a wider range of possibilities: crm is a useful tool in the educational process. It’s not just about maintaining a customer base and facilitating communication – using Vupti, you can completely forget about paper accounting. Isn’t it a miracle for online schools and tutors?

What is a CRM system and why does a school need it?

It’s simple. You need a CRM if you are looking for an alternative to complex databases, lots of paperwork, or spreadsheets. A LMS is a tool that allows you to systematize information about users of an educational platform. You can manage it, track results, and make development plans. Previously, everything you needed was stored in notebooks or large folders, and then there were spreadsheets. Too outdated and inefficient methods. A CRM system for schools is a convenient alternative, you can keep records of clients faster and better and carry out any manipulations with planning, systematization, etc.

How will voopty’s CRM system make your work easier?

Voopty works individually for each client. Let’s imagine that you run an online tutoring school. It’s clear that we’re talking about a large number of clients and tutors. You can, of course, manage the customer life cycle manually: register the number, enter it into Excel, but there is always a risk of losing it. This will not happen in a CRM system.

  • It will be easier for you to organize the work of teachers. All the problems with accidentally giving a student to the wrong math tutor will disappear. In the CRM, you can correctly assign students to teachers, see the workload, and create work schedules correctly.
  • Vupti will facilitate reporting. You can easily enter all the data and see updates in real time.
  • Transparent finances. The CRM system for an online school collects reports on work, draws up financial graphs, and shows the effectiveness of employees. The financial situation becomes transparent and understandable.
  • You will spend three times less time. Imagine the possibility of error-free reporting. CSM can organize this. The main task of the school is to correctly distribute time and responsibilities.
  • Client base. All customer data is collected in one place with a high degree of security.

No confusion with the schedule

Voopty’s crm interface for language schools, fitness centers, music schools, and other service industries allows you to organize the schedule of lessons and classes so that your colleagues feel more comfortable controlling their schedule.

The Vupti team has developed a calendar where you can add additional classes or a permanent schedule for a week, month, or year. The CRM system also allows you to add classes directly to the client’s card. Thanks to this organization, errors and overlaps are minimized – no overlapping classes or parallel lessons for the same student.

So, 3 points.

CRM system for an online school will help speed up the learning process, increase revenue, and retain regular users. No more crazy deadlines, productio