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Keep a convenient appointment calendar. Filter it by week, day, employee, or branch. Visits can be edited, rescheduled, or canceled in one click.


CRM system for the sales department to track the status of leads. The manager will not lose a single client.


Add employees to the system by adding the information you need and setting up access rights. Register a personal account for an employee according to their role in the company.


Enter new customers into the system, where you can assign them to a branch, select a responsible employee, and bind a subscription. Group them according to their status. Provide access to your personal account.


The function helps to keep personal calendars and all records for specific branches. Now it will be much easier to keep track of each department.


Convenient adaptive for mobile phones, tablets, and PCs allows you to control all processes from any device and location.


Control business income and expenses, type of payments without leaving the CRM. Calculate employee salaries, expenses, and net income for the selected period.


Comprehensive statistics on visits, customers in different time periods, and different destinations. Reports on payments, debts, and subscriptions.


Customize services, payment types, and prices individually for your business. Link subscriptions to customers.

Voopty CRM in business

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