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Scaling: How Voopty adapts to business needs

Why is scaling important? Business scaling and company growth are only possible with the use of modern tools. The most convenient service for scaling online learning, online school, beauty salon, offline store, restaurant is the CRM system, namely the Voopty CRM.
Why the Voopty CRM? It is easy to use, keeps volumes and workloads, and reduces the time to organize the process by four times. Now let’s take a closer look.

Adaptation to business scaling:

  • Take into account the finances of all branches in a single CRM Voopty system
  • Set up a personal account for the client and a personal account for the teacher (for the training center)
  • Control your work from anywhere in the world and from different devices
  • Add an unlimited number of employees and control the processes and work of managers
  • Set up different access levels for all users

Flexible access roles to the Voopty system, regardless of the number of employees.

  • Use the Teacher’s personal account
  • Give individual accesses
  • Divide employees by access levels to the system

Convenient schedule in Voopty CRM.

  • Create a schedule of group and individual classes
  • Track changes in the schedule in real time

Quick and easy visitor accounting.

  • Add customers to the system, collecting maximum information
  • Manage season tickets and financial accounting
  • Mark visitors at classes
  • Customize the client questionnaire to best suit your needs

The Voopty CRM system is suitable for business if you are planning to develop, invest in a company, expand, and retain a customer base. The system is especially needed in the field where negotiations on the conclusion of a deal can last for months or take place in several stages. You can always change the status of clients or pause them. In general, Voopty is useful for organizations that have many complex processes, tasks, routine actions, or complex sales algorithms.

Everything in one place.
No matter how hard you try to organize your accounting in Google or Excel spreadsheets, you can’t avoid different folders, links, and separate documents. The more users and students there are, the more the volume of tables increases, the more the data gets confused, and chaos ensues.
And in CRM Voopty, all information is available in one click – tasks for the client, the number of classes, finances, reports, and more. Sections and blocks are logically connected. Changes in the system are made online and the data is always up to date.

How does the Voopty CRM system solve this problem? Setting up access rights for users. Administrator, teacher, manager – everyone sees what they need for their work. The CRM owner can hide other information. Users log in to the system with an individual login and password. When you need to close access to the account, you delete the employee. He or she will no longer be logged into the CRM system with the old login information.
If you’re ready to start automating your business, call us at the phone number listed on the website or send us an email or Telegram. Our specialists will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions.