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Voopty CRM: how to work with finances

3 November 2023
2 minutes

In the Voopty CRM, you can view statistics on clients, as well as the financial component. Again, one of the most noticeable advantages of the CRM system is the electronic journal, where everything is stored in one place. So, how to work with the statistics column and view financial transactions in the system.

Where to find it?

  1. Go to the “hamburger” in the upper left window – click on the “Financial Analytics” section
  2. Configure the parameters for which you want to see the reports: calendar period, cash or non-cash account. The number of parameters can be changed depending on the specifics of your business
  3. Select the necessary filter: for example, a one-time visit or season tickets. You can also adjust the number of filters.
  4. Review the displayed data: income, expenses, difference.

How do I view payments and expenses?

  1. Go to the “Payment report” section, i.e. payments that were credited from customers
  2. Configure the parameters for viewing: number of transactions, date, cash or non-cash account, etc.
  3. For a broader analysis, go to the “Center expenses” section.
  4. Enter the necessary data: salaries for teachers, rental costs, utility bills, marketing, etc. Then the system will automatically calculate your expenses.

You can also view statistics in the Voopty system.

  1. To do this, click on the “Statistics” section.
  2. Select the parameters: time period (several months or even several years), select a tag, employee, or a specific type of lesson if necessary.
  3. Click refresh and view the statistics.

Statistics analysis is possible by the following parameters: teacher activity, visits (canceled and actual), new clients, deleted clients. It is possible to customize the parameter “Visits by lesson type”, “Payment types”, “Visits by client tag”, “Number of clients who attended 1 or more lessons”.

Statistics in the CRM system will help you optimize sales performance and guide decision-making to build a profitable business strategy.

Voopty CRM has general statistics so that you can analyze your performance based on the history of your transactions.

That is, your report contains:

  • the number of created/deleted deals for a certain period of time;
  • total cost of deals;
  • productivity of each member of your team (tutor or employee);
  • financial statement for the period of time.