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How do I rate a teacher for a lesson?


In order for the system to pay teachers, you need to set a rate for each teacher for a particular type of lesson.

How to do it:

1. Go to the “My employees” section.

2. Select an employee by clicking on the desired name. As a result, the employee’s card will open.

3. Click on the “Salary and expenses” section on the right.

4. Next, on the right under this block, which is now glowing orange, click on a small gray pencil.

5. Now all the possible types of lessons in the company will open and you need to put the cost that the teacher will receive for a particular lesson if it is held.

IMPORTANT: there are two types of rates: per lesson and per person-visit.

Per lesson. This means that no matter how many students are in the class, if the teacher has conducted a lesson, this amount will be credited to the teacher.

Rate per person-visit. This is the rate for an individual student in a group. That is, if the rate for a lesson is 100 UAH, then 4 students came to the lesson – the teacher will be paid 400 UAH, 1 student came – 100 UAH, etc.

  1. After entering the information, there will be an orange “Save” button at the bottom. Click it.

And you’re done.

Video lesson: