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How to turn CRM system to a tutor?

11 September 2023
2 minutes

The transition to online learning is forcing many language schools and tutors to face the challenges of organizing the learning process, providing materials, and monitoring the quality of learning. Of course, there are several solutions, but they are mostly too resource-intensive.

For example:

Use of an unlimited number of messengers and paper records: free tools, but not adapted for training and difficult to manage

Using specialized online platforms: more convenient, but can be expensive and have a complex interface

Creating your own website or program: maximum flexibility, but requires significant development and maintenance costs

In turn, the Voopty CRM system allows tutors to:

  • store all customer information in your personal account
  • keep a convenient schedule with a clear interface
  • the ability to plan for months and years
  • the ability to monitor changes in the schedule online from anywhere in the world
  • the ability to store all important information in the tutor’s personal account
  • the ability to enter the courseware system from any device

How do you know if the Vupti courseware is right for you? Use this checklist:

  • Voopty is right for your business;

The Wupti CRM system is developed taking into account the specifics of the business. For example, Wupti can store all the necessary customer data, which greatly simplifies the work of an online tutor.

  • CRM Voopty is a comprehensive solution;

No one says that you can’t download separate programs for scheduling, accounting, online booking, tracking visits, or create excel spreadsheets on Google Docs for your customer base and reports. It’s just easier and faster to solve these tasks with one service.

  • Voopty is scalable;

As your business grows, your CRM should grow with it. It’s worth paying attention to how many employees and branches the CRM system can handle.

  • Increases work efficiency;

Process analytics will help the tutor with the organization of all paperwork and save a lot of time.

  • The CRM system saves money;

The automation program helps to save on communications and website management.

Voopty CRM meets all the requirements and is an ideal solution for a training center, dance studio, or tutor. You can find out more details on our website.You will get a free demo access to the system and see for yourself its convenience and functionality.