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Stay connected on the go: Voopty for schools and tutors

21 August 2023
2 minutes

The simplicity in all areas of working with a CRM system is undeniable. It’s easy to learn, easy to access from anywhere in the world, and doesn’t require a long adaptation period.

Voopty is specially designed for teachers and tutors of online schools. With Voopty, you can facilitate the organization of the educational process and improve communication between all participants in the educational process. Moreover, you can always stay in touch and manage tasks even when you are on the go.

How Voopty makes life easier.

  1. Remote control. Do you remember how businesses used to store customer information? In phone books, Excel spreadsheets, diaries, and file cabinets. All of these media could get lost, and it was impossible to organize information in them. If you have to manage the learning process remotely, you need to carry folders with you.
  2. In Voopty, information about each client is entered into a common database. Searching through the CRM should be quick and updating information should be easy. All work tasks and schedules should also be stored in a convenient form and be accessible and easy to change at any time. So that even on the road, the user can solve everything in real time. This is exactly the functionality implemented in the Voopty CMC
  3. There are no paper operations. The CRM system allows you to eliminate the manual approach and automate all processes. This solves the problem of lack of time, optimizes time and resources for administration
  4. Mobility and accessibility. One of the main advantages of Voopty is the ability to work with the system from any place where there is Internet access. This allows tutors and teachers to stay in touch even while traveling, on business trips, or in other circumstances.
  5. Financial accounting. On the go, from home, you can keep financial records, conveniently analyze income and expenses, especially if students pay separately for each lesson
  6. Adjust the workload. In the CRM system, you can analyze how many hours a teacher works and how many students they have. Voopty’s CRM makes it easier and more convenient to pay online part-time tutors.

For an online school, a CRM system is an effective solution. All processes, both educational and any other, are recorded in a single information space, otherwise chaos cannot be avoided. Working with Voopty includes:

  • Customer accounting and full information about relationships with customers;
  • Class schedule and information about the educational process;
  • Personal accounts of students and teachers;
  • Ability to create tasks, business processes and plan work away from home. You can work from your phone even in a taxi.