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Voopty from mobile: work from anywhere in the world

3 October 2023
2 minutes

Probably every business owner is familiar with the situation when one of the main employees leaves, and with him or her the accumulated client base. Meanwhile, every time you leave, you have to explain to your new employees the algorithms for working with clients, as well as the subtleties and nuances of all partnerships.

The situation is even more complicated with awareness of current business processes: what has been paid, what has not been paid, who has been lost as a client and why. Or the most painful thing is that the manager is absent from the workplace, and to solve the problem, you have to rush to the office or call thousands of people and nervously find out what happened. If at least one of these problems is reflected in your company, then there is good news.

Your business needs an automated management system or, more simply, a CRM for a music school, a CRM for a tutoring center, a CRM for a fitness club.

CRM Voopty systematizes all information about each customer, the work performed, the documentation sent and received. With this program, you can easily monitor the state of affairs remotely, monitor the schedule, change it in real time, and moreover, conduct all business from your mobile phone. Unexpected?

  • 80% of Voopty users work remotely exclusively from their mobile phones. You and your employees can easily:
  • Track and search for information about clients and students
  • Work with reporting
  • Change the schedule
  • Create personal accounts
  • Edit the journal
  • Add and delete clients
  • Check workflow statistics
  • And all this while riding in a taxi or vacationing with your family, all you need is a smartphone and Internet access.

Moreover, an unlimited number of employees can access the Voopty system. For example, online tutors can check their schedules, forecast classes with students, and monitor their own workload.

Managers, in turn, have access to subscriptions and control the inflow of new customers, and most importantly, they work in an electronic database that does not lose information (unlike paper records).

What are the benefits of the Voopty CRM system:

  • Customer contact information is stored in a single database and cannot be lost, unlike paper records.
  • The ability to work from a mobile phone
  • The algorithmization of work is contained in the system, you do not need to tell and show everything over and over again
  • Information from the database is available only in the authorized mode
  • Clear and simple interface
  • Unlimited number of users
  • The cloud service implemented in CRM Voopty allows you to work in the program from anywhere in the world, you only need the Internet.

To summarize the results of the Voopty CRM system: the CRM system will make the company’s work stable, transparent, customer-oriented, and, importantly, safe and secure in terms of the customer base. Isn’t this a manager’s dream?