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Crm Voopty. Online registration for courses in a public studio

11 March 2024
2 minutes

Today we will show you how to set up courses in the system. This is necessary for the client to be able to go to your public page and book a lesson for a convenient day and time without the participation of a manager. How to do it:

  1. Go to the Voopty settings – Courses and groups section
  2. Add a new course (click the plus sign at the bottom right) or you can take an existing course. 
  3. If you add a new one, specify all the necessary information: name, photo of the teacher or group that will be visible on the public page, type of lesson, teacher, and duration. 
  4. Next, there is a Private lesson box, uncheck it, and now this course will be on the public page.
  5. Specify the option of free time can be booked.

It is also possible to leave a message that the client will see before and after booking the lesson. For example, the standard message Thank you for registering.

After that, click Save course. 

Later, you can go to the public page. To do this, click on the link in the menu on the left. Now a new course has been created in Courses and Groups, which we published earlier. 

To register for the course, the client needs to click the Register for course button. Next, you should select the desired day and time, choose the available windows, and leave your phone number. A confirmation will be sent to the number, and the password should be entered on the registration page, and that’s it. The trial lesson is registered.

The client has the opportunity to pay for the lesson immediately if your payment system is connected to Vupti. 

To check the lesson, you should go to the schedule, and the registered lesson will automatically appear there.