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How to integrate Voopty sms with a website

2 January 2024
2 minutes

Today we’ll talk about how to integrate registration for your events with the Voopty CRM system. 

Enrollment in a course

After the user fills out the registration form on your website, you need to send their data. To do this, you should make a POST request to our API.


branchId – branch id in Voopty CRM

courseId – course id in Voopty CRM

The request must contain two elements in the header



These keys can be obtained in the organization console

courseId – you can get it on the course page in Voopty CRM

What the request body looks like:


  { “clientInfo”: {

    “clientName”: “$clientName”,

    “clientEmail”: “$clientEmail”,

    “phone”: “$clientPhone”,

    “clientNote”: “$clientNote”


  “courseUrl”: “$url”


*clientName – client’s name (required field) *phone – phone (required field), format +380********* clientEmail – client’s email clientNote – note from the client courseUrl – course url on your website

How do I integrate requests with my sales funnel?

If you don’t have the ability to link requests to a course, you can send a request to add a lead to your sales funnel.


The request should contain two elements in the header



You can get these keys in the organization console


  “clientInfo”: {

    “clientName”: “<ClientName>”

    “clientEmail”: “<Client Email>”,

    “phone”: “<Client Phone>”


  “url”: “$url”,

  “productName”: “<Product Name>”,

  “funnelId”: “<FunnelId>”


url – optional field, the address of the page from which the record was made

productName – an optional field, the name of the lesson/course/service for which the entry was made

funnelId – optional field, id – the funnel to which the lead will go (if not specified, the lead will go to the default funnel)