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How to create a newsletter?


To create a newsletter, you need to:

1. Click on the “Newsletters” section.

2. Select the section “Newsletters” from the top.

3. Next, in the bottom right, select “Create a campaign”.

3. Select the recipients from the top left:

  • Customer acquisition/retention team.
  • Customers.

4. Next, select the “Type of notification”:

  • Email (free of charge, but you need to verify your email through the support service).
  • Messenger (free of charge).
  • SMS (paid through the operator).

5. Next, on the left, you need to enter the text of the message to be sent to the customer. You can print it here.

  1. On the right, choose who will receive it (all customers, a group of customers under a specific tag, or only selected customers).
  2. Next, click the orange “Check” button at the bottom right.

The campaign is created and will be sent.

Important – only those customers who are subscribed to the bot, email, or SMS – those whose email or phone number is in the customer’s card – will receive the message in the messenger.

Video tutorial: