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How to add an administrator to the system?


An administrator is a very important person in any business. Voopty has a separate role for administrators. How to give access and create an employee:

1. Go to the “My employees” section.

2. Next, click “Add employee” at the bottom right.

3. Fields for filling in the data appear. The required fields are:

– Name

  • Position
  • Roles

Other fields are optional and not required.

4. Roles. Let’s consider this item separately. If you need to create an administrator account, select “Admin” in the “Roles” field.

5. Switches.

“Can create customer tags” – you can enable or disable this. A tag is a label, an additional comment on the client. It is very important for filtering clients, mailing lists and groups or paired classes.

“View only” – if you enable this, your partner will not be able to perform any actions in the system, they will just be able to watch, but will not be able to make any adjustments in the system.

6. Cashier.

You can give your co-owner access to the cash register. If you give access, the employee will be able to view financial information and accept payments from customers.

7. Can change payments made

You can give access to the cash desk or not.

8. At the bottom is the “Print or select” ribbon.

You can give an additional specific tag to an employee so that you can filter. The tag can be anything – subject (if it is a teacher), branch, etc. However, you can simply skip this field.

9. After filling in all the necessary information and opening the role, you can click “Update employee information” at the bottom right.

10. The employee is then registered and logged in.

Video tutorial: