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Customizing prices and subscriptions: What are the types of lessons and how to customize them?


A lesson type is a direction, a subject that is taught in a company. Usually, lesson types are differentiated by direction and/or price. That is, if there is a subject “Vocal” or “English”, but both children and adults are engaged in it, but the price for children and adults is different, then it is better to indicate separately “Vocal children”, “Vocal adults”, “English for children”, “English for adults”, etc.

How do I add a type/types of lessons?

Go to the section “Price and subscription settings”.

2. Select the “Lesson type” section at the top.

3. At the bottom right, there will be a button “+ Add lesson type”. Click on it.

4. Next, the “New Lesson Type” field will appear. Here you can enter a name.

5. In the “Price of a single visit” field, you need to specify the cost per lesson that the client pays you in case of a one-time payment. If you do not have the option of a one-time payment, then you can skip this field.

  1. On the right, you will see the inscription “The lesson must be approved”, next to which you need to put a checkmark.
  2. Below, you can specify the duration of this lesson and choose a color (optional) for this type of lesson. Then in the schedule, the lesson of this type will be highlighted in a separate color selected here.
  3. After filling in all the fields, there is an orange “Save” button at the bottom left, click on it. The lesson type is created. You can create other types of lessons by analogy.